GenTegra LLC, an innovator of complete sample protection for biological research, announced today the launch of RNAdvantage, the latest addition to their suite of RNA stabilization products. With the launch of RNAdvantage, GenTegra products now stabilize and protect valuable RNA in fresh tissue samples, purified liquid RNA using RNAssure, and ambient shipping and long-term storage with GenTegraRNA.

“GenTegra has developed a comprehensive portfolio of nucleic acid stabilization products utilizing our patented Active Chemical Protection (ACP) technology. ACP is utilized by customers around the world to protect the integrity of nucleic acid samples in academic and pharma/biotech research labs, forensic institutes, and commercial sequencing laboratories to eliminate the need to manage and store samples frozen or ship on dry ice,” said GenTegra President Bob Barrett. This latest addition to GenTegra’s product portfolio addresses an important segment of the rapidly growing RNA market, the need to preserve the integrity of RNA in fresh tissue samples. “RNAdvantage is yet another example of GenTegra’s commitment to provide ambient sample stabilization products from collection to shipment and storage”, added Barrett

GenTegra’s complete line of stabilization products for RNA and DNA are available for multiple applications and formats. The technology is being deployed to protect and preserve both DNA and RNA in research applications, whole blood sample collection cards, emerging devices for remote patient sample collection, and in support of initiatives to reduce the reliance on lab freezers for long term storage of valuable nucleic acid samples.

Source: Company Press Release