The patent No. 8,211,368 describes the conversion of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) to NO where NO2 is stored as a liquid in a permeation tube and patent number 8,221,800 describes the use of a nitrite salt to release NO within the GeNO NO delivery system.

Other patents including 8,226,916 relates broadly to the conversion of a liquid NO2 to NO using an antioxidant, while US patent No. 8,246,725 covers a method of making a device that converts NO2 to NO, with the option of using one or more surface-active materials in the conversion-based device, as well as one or more reducing agents.

GeNO president and Founder David Fine said,"These four new patents follow FDA clearance earlier this year of GeNO’s 510(k) premarket notification to begin commercialization of its acute inhaled nitric oxide (NO) administration apparatus, as well as orphan drug designation for its nitric oxide (delivered via the GeNOsyl MVG-2000 delivery system) for the treatment of Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension in Newborns (PPHN)."