GeNO’s NITROSYL systems provide a therapeutic amount of nitric oxide (NO) to a mammal in a manner that converts nitrogen dioxide (NO2) to nitric oxide (NO).

The NO2 originates from either a gas bottle or a liquid source.

The company said GeNO’s NITROSYL systems help clinicians to treat pulmonary diseases with inhaled nitric oxide.

GeNO’s inhaled nitric oxide systems help to address both in-hospital and ambulatory to reduce the complexity of current treatment regimens, and would reach a much larger group of patients.

GeNO founder and president David Fine said it is unusual for a drug already in Phase II clinical trials to have the technology protected by patents that still have at least 18 years of life.

"This patent further solidifies the intellectual property foundation of the company and is an important milestone for the development of NITROSYL Systems," Fine said.