The company said that the cost saving benefits of suite of mobile robot technologies will generate additional multiple revenue streams for GeckoSystems in the form of licensing, royalties, training, and sales of various software and/or hardware systems and/or subsystems beyond manufacturing and distribution of coming product line of mobile service robots.

Martin Spencer, president and CEO of GeckoSystems, said: “As all of us here at GeckoSystems are excited about this development, due to the nature of the upcoming discussions, I feel it is in the best interest of all parties involved to withhold the name of this publicly traded company at this time. The potential outcome of it is something that has been in the works for several years and is coming to what looks to be an extraordinarily profitable culmination.

“I believe their interest in us is due to not only our product, the automatic self navigation software, GeckoNav, but also the reality that we have a complete multitasking personal robot, the CareBot, with verbal interaction capabilities, GeckoChat, and the ability to routinely follow a designated family member with GeckoTrak.

“Hence our strongly held belief that given our efficient and robust AI navigation engine, and its portability, we expect GeckoNav to also be important in other large markets such as professional healthcare, education, commercial security, public safety, agriculture and defense. Our basebot technologies, such as GeckoNav, are not only relevant for consumer markets, but also several other business-to-business markets for improved ROI for our investors.”