GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric company has reported the installation of Russia’s first high-definition computed tomography (CT) scanner, GE Healthcare’s Discovery CT750HD, at the Center of Medical Rehabilitation.

The Centre of Medical Rehabilitation is the first hospital in Russia to join leading hospitals around the globe in installing this high-definition CT technology. The scanner sets a new standard for CT clarity, allowing clinicians to diagnose quickly and confidently using significantly less x-ray radiation than previous CT scanners.

The new scanner uses garnet gemstone CT detector. The gemstone detector can improve image clarity by up to 33% for routine body imaging and up to 47% for cardiac imaging and helps improve doctors’ ability to see the difference between various types of tissue.

In addition to providing better image clarity, the new scanner is designed to reduce the amount of X-ray dose for patients by up to 50 % for full-body scans, and up to 83% for heart scans. The Discovery CT750 HD improves image quality while reducing dose up to 50% across the entire body, maintaining GE Healthcare’s position as a leader in low dose technology.

Valentin Sinitsyn, professor of Moscow Medical Academy and head of Diagnostic Centre in Federal Medical and Rehabilitation Centre, said: “We are delighted to have the first Discovery CT750 HD in Russia as part of Center of Medical Rehabilitation’s investment in cutting edge technology. This exciting development of high definition CT improves our ability to see fine anatomical detail in what can be difficult to image diseases.”

Vyacheslav Grischenko, general manager of Russia and CIS at GE Healthcare said: “With this outstanding technology, high-definition image quality can be achieved without increasing the x-ray dose to which patients are exposed. For some cardiac patients, for example, this can mean a valuable alternative to the traditional invasive angiogram. It is less invasive and less expensive.”