Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will formalize the integration of BrainLAB BrainSUITE Integrated Surgical Solutions with GE’s Magnetic Resonance (MR) Surgical Suite, as well as co-market the integrated solution.

The pre-operative MR imaging helps to detect tumor or tissue abnormalities but during surgery the targeted tissue will not be visible to the naked eye. GE’s MR guided surgical suite offers operating solutions that help provide a distinction between healthy and abnormal tissue during surgery.

The BrainLAB BrainSUITE digitally integrates the major components of the OR: intra-operative imaging, surgical navigation, planning and digital data management. This supports surgeons during procedures and helps identify critical areas and remove abnormal tissue.

Jim Davis, vice president and general manager of GE Healthcare Global MR, said: “BrainLAB is responsible for some of the best leading edge surgical software solutions in the industry,” “Combined with our expertise in MR, we will be able to develop innovative iMR imaging applications enhancing current technology.

“This agreement is an excellent example of how GE Healthcare is seeking key innovations from around the globe in its quest to provide medical solutions that bring better healthcare to more people.”

Stephan Holl, chief operating officer of BrainLAB, said: “The joint development agreement will enable us to explore new boundaries in health care.Both companies are committed to providing patients worldwide with better care through less invasive surgeries and treatments. Our combined iMRI solutions will provide neurosurgeons with an advanced tool for intra-operative procedures.”