GE Healthcare announced the global installation of the novel Discovery PET/CT 600-series scanners. The first clinical installs will be completed at Miami Baptist Hospital in Florida, University Hospital of Bichat in France, Queensland X-Ray at the Mater Hospital in Australia, Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina, and Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Discovery PET/CT 600-series scanners are designed to help enable earlier detection and accurate monitoring of disease combined with the latest advancements in molecular imaging technology to explore the development of future applications. PET/CT platform was built for physicians and molecular imaging researchers, based on their need for more power to explore the potential of PET/CT imaging that includes better PET quantitative accuracy. These scanners combine advanced molecular imaging tools with the large coverage low dose Volume CT helping allow for earlier diagnosis, more accurate tumor location and better assessment of how a patient is responding to cancer treatment. Although mostly for use in oncology, PET/CT can also be used for assisting the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and neurological conditions. The novel system leverages the high-speed, high-resolution capabilities of GE’s advanced CT, the LightSpeed VCT. Volume CT technology, with 40mm of coverage, dramatically reduces CT acquisition times and CT dose. Static organs can be imaged in as little as one second, the lung in as little as two seconds and a whole body trauma could be performed in less than 10 seconds.