GE Healthcare announced that the 500th LOGIQ E9 ultrasound system has been produced and sold. The LOGIQ E9 system, introduced in September 2008, is geared primarily for radiology and vascular applications, and fuses ultrasound images with images from other imaging modalities like CT and MR. The LOGIQ E9 includes Volume Navigation, an innovative tool which incorporates two key components to maximize the system’s agile ultrasound architecture: ‘Fusion’ to combine the advantages of real-time ultrasound imaging with the high spatial and contrast resolution of CT, MR or PET; and a ‘GPS-like technology’ to track and mark a patient’s anatomy during the ultrasound exam, helping to bring confidence and productivity to both diagnostic and interventional studies. Brian McEathron, GE Healthcare General Manager, General Imaging Ultrasound, said, “This kind of product demand in this challenging economy is a testament to the strong clinical performance and technology that the LOGIQ E9 provides to the healthcare world. We are thrilled that clinicians are using this innovative product to positively affect their patients’ lives. GE Healthcare’s broader ultrasound objective -- to bring quality images, better workflow, and innovative tools to clinicians – leads this exceptional new generation of LOGIQ ultrasound systems.”