As part of the deal, GE Healthcare will provide consultancy services, tools for healthcare analytics and a PET/CT imaging platform to the hospital.

According to GE Healthcare, the contract has been signed for a period of fourteen years and comes with an option to be extended by further six years.

GE Healthcare Northern Europe general manager Karl Blight said: "Currently each care pathway for each pelvic cancer is being managed separately by specialties such as surgeons, urologists, gynecologists, but they all converge at various points in the pathway.

"This represents an important opportunity for knowledge transfer between specialties and delivering improvements in value-based healthcare across multiple care pathways."

The deal will also allow hospital to use Caradigm Intelligence Platform (CIP) from Caradigm, a joint venture of GE Healthcare and Microsoft.

The CIP platform will be used to combine data, including clinical patient data, financial and operational data, from different systems, which will help in better clinical decision support, analysis and prediction.

GE’s PET/CT technology can be used in the pelvic cancer patient pathway, ranging from diagnosis to disease staging and treatment monitoring.