GE Healthcare claims that its Q.Clear technology provides a fully convergent PET image reconstruction technique, enabled by controlling image noise through regularized reconstruction.

The company has designed the new tool to provide excellent image quality and consistent and accurate quantitation. This new technology allows clinicians to assess patient’s response to treatment accurately across the entire care continuum, including diagnosis, staging, treatment planning, and treatment assessment.

Q.Clear technology helps clinicians to detect smaller lesions and to determine earlier whether the patient is responding to current treatment by providing better quantitation accuracy for truly personalized medicine.

The Q.Clear technology, when coupled with GE Healthcare’s Q.Suite, can enable clinicians to assess treatment response accurately so they can provide the best patient care.

GE Healthcare MICT president and CEO Steve Gray noted that approximately 70% of cancer patients don’t always respond to their initial course of treatment.

"If we can give clinicians an accurate, reliable, and faster tool to confirm that a change in treatment is needed, the patient will benefit greatly.

"For example, PET/CT can help clinicians determine whether chemotherapy is working in fewer cycles, saving patients unnecessary procedures. Q.Clear gives clinicians the ability to help make that determination," Gray added.

Q.Clear technology is yet to receive CE Mark approval and is not available for sale in all regions.

Image: GE Healthcare’s Q.Clear technology receives FDA approval. Photo: Courtesy of GE Healthcare