The system works at low dose levels and is designed for sustainability use.

The Optima CT660, with GE’s dose-optimizing adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction ( ASiR+) technology and advanced applications, aids healthcare professionals to deliver patient care for cardiovascular, oncology, neurology, CT angiography and other fields.

GE’s Adaptive Gating technology when combined with ASiR and Snapshot Pulse facilitates to reduce patient dose, when compared to traditional helical scan techniques.

GE’s CT advantage workstation (AW) cardiovascular system may also facilitate to accelerate workflow with enhanced post-processing automation and reliability.

The Optima CT660 with AW’s suite of oncology applications aids physicians to assess lesions at potentially lower dose, workflow for lesion detection, analysis and follow-up.

GE Healthcare CT & Advantage Workstation vice president and general manager Steve Gray said Optima CT660’s design and workflow enhancements also provide flexibility to facilities that may be constrained by space or resources – which aids healthcare professionals seeking to serve their patients’ needs.