GE Healthcare said the eHealth Image Exchange helps to improve the quality of radiology care across the healthcare community by reducing costs and inefficiencies caused by using CDs and film to share images, and by enhancing online patient review capabilities among multi-disciplinary teams in numerous locations.

The eHealth Image Exchange helps physicians across the community to review current and relevant-prior images from their own PACS, as well as from other institution’s PACS, increasing multi-specialty collaboration and decreasing the likelihood of unnecessary, redundant imaging exams.

The solution allows physicians to review relevant prior radiology reports and images to create a more holistic and informed care plan.

Physicians are notified via email or SMS text message when new imaging results are available for review, which enables timelier and clinically impactful communication with their patients.

GE Healthcare IT vice president and general manager Earl Jones said Imaging technology is foundational in modern healthcare. As health systems work to improve care coordination, drive performance-based outcomes, and reduce the cost of delivered care, Image Exchange will become an increasingly important capability.

GE Healthcare IT president and CEO Vishal Wanchoo said they are partnering with regional healthcare organizations in Europe who are embracing the productivity and improved care coordination enabled by Image Exchange. Simply put, this is a solution that makes sense and will help change healthcare for the better around the world.