US-based medical technology company GE HealthCare has renewed its existing collaboration with Hartford HealthCare, a network of 500 locations in 185 cities across Connecticut, US.

The companies extended their seven-year collaboration that began in 2016, through 2030, to enhance Hartford’s ability to provide personalised coordinated quality care.

Under the extended collaboration, Hartford will upgrade its imaging technology using a phased approach to the acquisition, deployment, and redeployment of essential equipment.

The equipment includes CT, PET/CT, MRI, X-ray, nuclear medicine, mammography, ultrasound and OEC 3D surgical imaging C-arm.

The agreement also includes GE HealthCare patient monitoring, anaesthesia, maternal-infant care and diagnostic cardiology technologies.

Hartford HealthCare executive vice president and chief strategy and transformation officer Karen Goyette said: “Our ongoing collaboration with GE HealthCare will allow Hartford HealthCare to provide exceptional imaging services, continually upgrading our technology so patients and clinicians across our system can be confident in having access to the most up-to-date capabilities.

“This is especially important now, as technologies, equipment and training are advancing at an ever-increasing pace. GE HealthCare’s initial engagement with HHC led to the creation of the system’s Care Logistics Center in 2017.

“The centre allows us to match patients’ needs with the best care we can provide, quickly and expertly. We are looking forward to continued advances that benefit our patients and clinicians through this new collaboration.”

The collaboration is anticipated to keep Hartford HealthCare’s imaging technologies updated with the latest advancements in software, artificial intelligence, and future technologies.

It will provide access to GE HealthCare’s advanced imaging technology, providing shorter scan times, reduced waiting times, and helping clinicians have more accuracy in diagnostic decisions.

GE HealthCare said that most of the new imaging systems in the collaboration will include tested AI and machine learning software, which will augment clinical expertise.

Under the renewed service agreement, GE HealthCare technicians will be deployed to repair and complete in-house maintenance on all equipment within the scope of the collaboration.

In addition, Hartford HealthCare’s fleet of imaging technology and tools will be optimised with regular upgrades to equipment.

Furthermore, GE HealthCare and Hartford HealthCare will also upgrade existing MRI, CT, PET/CT, and X-rays to reduce costs, and minimise waste and equipment downtime.

GE HealthCare US and Canada president and CEO Catherine Estrampes said: “This strategic Care Alliance builds upon a successful first seven years and incorporates new elements that will help Hartford HealthCare stay current with our latest GE HealthCare technology.

“We have seen many changes to the needs of healthcare over the last several years and collaborations like this enable us to work together with patient access and care, as well as clinician experience front of mind.

“It enables us to keep innovating together while continuing to explore additional potential opportunities.”