Instructors can change HAL’s condition using a wireless tablet PC that operates up to 300 meters away, making it ideal for training at points of care.

The patient simulator is supplied with Gaumard’s GIGA operating interface which displays a rotating 3D image of HAL in which the tissue layers can be removed showing underlying physiology.

The device aids health care providers to get lifelike feedback using real medical devices such as Osat monitors, BP cuffs, defibrillators, cardiac pacemakers and even ventilators and 12 lead ECG monitors.

HAL’s dynamic airway and lungs allow one to change lung compliance and airway resistance during scenarios which facilitates students see humanlike respiratory waveforms on a real ventilator.

The 12 lead ECG using a real 12 lead monitor with integrated MI module can be used to specify the extent of an occlusion, ischemia, or necrosis and the dynamic waveforms.