Offers both radiology and cardiovascular specific applications

Fujifilm Medical Systems has introduced Synapse 3D. The company has also made other enhancements to Synapse PACS including the introduction of Synapse communications and new features to further aid the interpretation of breast imaging studies.

Synapse 3D is integrated right into Fujifilm’s Synapse PACS application eliminating the need for a 3rd party software. The application is enterprise capable, and is available at any workstation where Synapse PACS is available. Powered by server-based rendering technology, Synapse 3D enables the radiologist or the technologist to perform the renderings.

Synapse has undergone significant refinements to support not only the image and information managements needs of radiology and cardiology departments, as well as other critical care departments including oncology, pathology and ophthalmology.

It includes features to enhance communication and help radiology departments and reading groups meet the ever changing business and regulatory requirements of radiology information management. Specific features include critical results reporting, peer review, instant messaging, QA discrepancy tracking and embedded task list management. Synapse Communications is embedded into the Synapse PACS user interface to maximise performance and minimise user clicks.

The ability to provide both storage and distribution of images throughout the enterprise in both Dicom and web formats is critical to the integrated healthcare network. Additional features include smart forwarding and smart prefetching functionally have been added to allow images to flow seamless from and to Synapse PACS from third-party systems.