Epsilon Imaging’s EchoInsight can now be embedded within Fujifilm’s Synapse Cardiology PACS, this integration is designed to enhance, standardize, and streamline interpretation and reporting of echocardiography studies, and aims to transform patient management for Synapse Cardiology PACS end users.

“Through continuous collaboration with our partners, customers, and across technologies,  Fujifilm can arm healthcare providers with the best possible tools to improve patient outcomes,” said Bill Lacy, Vice President, Medical Informatics at FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc.

“Our Synapse Cardiology PACS utilizes server-side rendering with a zero footprint platform to provide access to massive cardiology datasets with sub-second performance. Joining forces with Epsilon Imaging allows us to push the boundaries of our cardiology management solutions even further by offering additional diagnostic confidence, standardization and increased efficiency to our customers.”

Synapse Cardiology PACS is Fujifilm’s next generation, secure server-side rendering technology that works within the most popular browsers while using less bandwidth throughout the enterprise.

Developed with ongoing direction from cardiologists, Synapse Cardiology PACS offers capabilities and tools that help streamline image review and reporting across all cardiovascular modalities including: Adult Echocardiography, Pediatric/Fetal Echocardiography, ECG Management (Stress, Resting, Holter), NonInvasive Vascular, Nuclear Cardiology, Cardiac Catheterization, Invasive Peripheral Vascular (IPV), Electrophysiology (EP), Cardiac CT and Cardiac MR.

EchoInsight is Epsilon Imaging’s vendor-neutral platform that provides quantitative information based on strain imaging, analysis of cardiac tissue motion and contraction, to assist echocardiography diagnostics, along with workflow-enhancing features.

EchoInsight’s clinical suite of applications is designed specifically for managing a wide variety of indications across echocardiography programs. Clinical applications seamlessly integrate strain imaging, automated cardiac function measurements and trending patient data into Synapse Cardiology PACS.

“We are excited to partner with Fujifilm to integrate EchoInsight as a strain imaging and quantification solution for Synapse Cardiology PACS customers,” said Eric Sieczka, President and CEO of Epsilon Imaging. “Fujifilm is a leader in providing innovative, best in class healthcare products to its customers. With EchoInsight embedded in Synapse Cardiology PACS, strain imaging can be easily integrated into cardiac programs and provide valuable insight into cardiac function analysis and monitoring.  Ultimately, our goal is to assist clinicians to improve the patient continuum of care with increased confidence and efficiency.”


The following suite of EchoInsight clinical applications will be integrated into Synapse Cardiology PACS for seamless, real-time clinical access:

EchoInsight Left Ventricle features global, regional wall and chamber function analysis. The application provides longitudinal, radial and circumferential strain imaging based on view type, as well as automated volumes, EF and linear measurements based on ASE guidelines.

EchoInsight Left Ventricle Contrast features global longitudinal strain imaging. Customized editing function tools are tailored to contrast-enhanced studies.

EchoInsight Right Ventricle features RV free wall, regional wall and chamber function analysis. The application provides longitudinal strain imaging, automated areas, FAC, TAPSE, S’ and linear measurements based on ASE guidelines.

EchoInsight Stress Echo provides rest-stress study comparison as well as global, regional wall and chamber function analysis. Longitudinal strain imaging is also available, and click-of-a-button wall motion scoring is based on recognized standards.

EchoInsight Full Heart provides simultaneous analysis of up to all four-chambers including LV & RV applications, and new atrial applications. The application features longitudinal, radial and circumferential strain imaging options based on view type, and automated cardiac function measurement capabilities.

Fujifilm is also now an EchoInsight reseller for Epsilon Imaging and can provide product quotes to customers directly.

Fujifilm will debut the integration of Synapse Cardiology PACS and EchoInsight at the American College of Cardiology’s (ACC) 68th Annual Scientific Session and Expo in New Orleans, LA, from March 16-18, 2019.

Source: Company Press Release