Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA), a provider of kidney care products and services, has announced a major strategic investment in BioIntelliSense.


Image: BioIntelliSense's data-driven platform is aimed at setting a new standard for remote patient monitoring. Photo: Courtesy of Fresenius SE & Co.

US-based BioIntelliSense is engaged in developing a medical grade data services platform for continuous health monitoring, predictive analytics and algorithmic clinical insights.

In addition, BioIntelliSense’s data-driven platform is aimed at setting a new standard for remote patient monitoring and providing actionable clinical insights using high-fidelity algorithms and predictive analytics to advance the treatment of chronic kidney disease.

FMCNA CEO Bill Valle said: “We are committed to helping more people living with chronic kidney disease through earlier interventions and are proud to invest in a company that is leading innovation in remote health sensors and services that we believe will help us accelerate change, further improve quality care and slow progression of chronic kidney disease.

“We made this strategic investment in BioIntelliSense to enable our medical staff to more efficiently and effectively continuously monitor patients, facilitating precise and timely interventions and reducing cost to the system.”

The investment, part of BioIntelliSense’s Series A Financing, has been completed by FMCNA through its Fresenius Medical Care Ventures division, which invests in early-stage companies that develop products, technologies and therapies with significant value for the patient and for the healthcare system.

In addition, the BioIntelliSense medical-grade sensors and services are designed to provide enhanced remote patient monitoring, real-time data and algorithmic insights to the clinical care team.

BioIntelliSense founder and CEO James Mault said: “We are at the inception of a remarkable new era in healthcare that will employ novel sensor technologies to capture remote patient data and generate cost-effective clinical intelligence.

“Chronic kidney disease patients have complex health challenges and BioIntelliSense is both honored and excited to work closely with Fresenius Medical Care North America in developing scalable health monitoring solutions that might benefit this important patient population.”

FMCNA is working with BioIntelliSense to create clinical pathways that can alert clinicians to the need for early intervention, and potentially avoid costly hospitalizations. As part of the partnership, FMCNA will bring  its expertise in advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to the development of the system.