Easylog is a smart sensor that enables to turn all classic pen injectors, disposable and reusable products into connected devices.

The new smart cap will collect crucial treatment information such as dose, date, time and transmits it to a monitoring mobile app.

The approval has been granted for a version compatible with insulin delivery devices.

Biocorp is planning to establish partnerships to commercialize the new cap solution 2018.

Biocorp chief operating officer Eric Dessertenne said: “CE marking for Easylog is a significant step for BIOCORP. Our ambition is to develop and market innovative devices boosting compliance, a key factor for the successful treatment of chronic conditions such as diabetes.

“Easylog device, which generates interest of many industrial players internationally, brings an extra dimension to the customization of treatments.”

Bicorp, which is a French firm, also produces reusable smart injection pen called DataPen.

The smart injection pen can automatically transfer data to a mobile app to help patients manage their treatment.

DataPen can record each dose injected with specific time and date, and sends the information back to the smartphone through Bluetooth technology.

The company produces Inspair smart sensor that can collect inhalation data and connect to smartphones through Bluetooth.

Bicorp also manufactures pharmaceutical devices such as Newguard integrated passive safety device and Biopass reconstitution system.

Newguard is a new generation of integrated passive safety device that can be used with various sizes of stacked needles PFS.

Biopass, which is designed for self-administration by patients and caregivers, enables to reconstitute lyophilized drugs in a convenient way.

Image: Biocorp’s new its Easylog smart cap. Photo: courtesy of BIOCORP.