The ST PRO is a full featured hard and soft tissue dental laser with many of the features of the award winning, industry leading Lightwalker ATS. At an introductory price of $49,900, the ST PRO competitive price will be very attractive to many dentists hesitating to incorporate lasers into their practices because of the cost of higher priced and less advanced competitive systems.

The ST PRO is an ultra fast Er:YAG dental laser capable of removing cavities without the need for shots and local anesthetic, especially for children, in most cases. The ST PRO also performs the patented and widely researched and acclaimed PIPS laser root canals, a wide range of atraumatic bone procedures and non-invasive, blood and suture free soft tissue procedures.

The ST PRO includes features not available in competing systems including:
Powerful 12 watts of Er:YAG energy for Ultra Fast cutting;

Large, User Friendly Touch Screen with a wide range of Easy-To-Use presets;

The highly reliable, ergonomic and efficient Optoflex delivery system;

High Visibility Green aiming beam;

Built-in air supply, eliminating the need for external air connections/supplies;

Optional Quantum Square Pulse (QSP) and SMOOTH mode for Advanced Clinical Procedures such as the non-invasive Nightlase snoring treatment.