FoodMarble CEO and co-founder Aonghus Shortt began working on the product in 2015.

“After seeing the impact that digestive problems had on my girlfriend’s life, I wanted to create a tool that could empower individuals to take control of their digestive health, learn more about what causes their uncomfortable digestive symptoms and improve their wellbeing,” he said.

FoodMarble received more than 8,000 pre-orders, totaling over $1 million. FoodMarble began shipping the first pre-orders in April 2018.

To date, breath testing for digestive issues has only been available in hospitals or medical clinics. These tests aren’t easily accessible and can be expensive. Using the latest sensor technology, FoodMarble has created a pocket-sized breath analysis device to help users track their digestion in real time.

The FoodMarble app prompts users to log their food and symptoms and take breath tests to track how well they’re digesting. When food isn’t fully digested, it’s fermented in the gut, creating hydrogen.

Since some of this hydrogen is ultimately exhaled, FoodMarble AIRE is able to show whether food has been fully digested by measuring hydrogen levels on the breath. As more breath tests, foods and symptoms are logged, the app gives the user insights into how different foods, sleep quality and stress affect their digestive health.

FoodMarble chief medical officer and gastroenterologist Dr James Brief, said: “Digestive discomfort triggered by food, including many healthy foods, is one of the most common digestive issues.

“While food diaries are often used, quantifying the impact different foods have on your body can be very difficult.”

“Our goal was to create a data-based solution to help our users understand their digestion and use data to find foods most compatible with their digestive system,” he said.

FoodMarble created a pocket-sized breath analysis device that tracks how well you digest your food

FoodMarble AIRE is based on hydrogen breath testing — a technique used in hospitals and medical clinics to identify digestive issues

Hydrogen is an indicator that food hasn’t been fully absorbed in the small intestine and is being fermented by bacteria in the large intestine, which can lead to uncomfortable digestive symptoms for some people

More than 8,000 people around the world pre-ordered the FoodMarble AIRE. The final batch of pre-orders ship this week and general sales begin December 4.

Source: Company Press Release