The IsoFlux NGS assay kits, which are designed to work with circulating tumor material enriched on the IsoFlux System, significantly increase the overall target purity of the sample and offer a nucleic acid extraction method that is optimized for next-generation sequencing.

The kits are available for immediate use through the IsoFlux Discovery Services program, with kit shipments to IsoFlux customers starting in June 2014.

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) allows access to tumor material without the need for a surgical biopsy and they possess the key advantage of being able to be enriched over the background blood cells, making it possible to analyze them using molecular methods.

Other approaches to securing tumor material from the circulation, such as cell-free DNA, have limitations in this regard.

The company said that despite recent advances in CTC technologies, it remains a persistent challenge to enrich sufficiently to meet the rigorous requirements of next-generation sequencing platforms.

The kits include a proprietary method of purity enhancement that, when combined with the IsoFlux System for primary enrichment, delivers a high purity DNA or RNA sample immediately ready for next-generation sequencing.

Next-generation sequencing plays a major role in the field of precision medicine and clinical scientists have used it to learn how and why patients may respond or fail to particular therapies.

Fluxion CEO Jeff Jensen said the IsoFlux NGS assay kits deliver on the promise of where precision medicine is heading.

"The ability to analyze a broad range of cancer biomarkers in a single blood-based test provides critical information that will help inform the next generation of targeted therapies and diagnostics," Jensen said.