Fluxion Biosciences has introduced an instrument to isolate rare circulating tumor cells (CTC) which disseminate from primary tumors and circulate throughout the peripheral blood.

Using the proprietary microfluidic technology, the IsoFlux system processes CTCs, which are optimized for downstream molecular testing such as real-time PCR, next generation sequencing (NGS), and immunoassays.

The system, which is listed as a Class I medical device for in vitro diagnostic use, also isolates other rare cell types from blood samples.

Fluxion Biosciences program director Michael Schwartz said the company is pleased with the feedback it received from its Early Access customers, which have included leading pharma, biotech, and clinical research institutes.

"Their validation of the system across many different pathologies and downstream applications has helped paved the way for the commercial launch of the IsoFlux System," Schwartz added.

Fluxion Biosciences CEO Jeff Jensen said, "We believe the launch of the IsoFlux System will help fill this void by offering a ‘liquid biopsy’ in a format that is compatible with next-generation molecular technologies."