The new imaging system has been developed to work exclusively with the IsoFlux liquid biopsy system and circulating tumor cells (CTC) enumeration kit.

Fluxion has pre-configured the IsoFlux imaging system with all components and software required for automated CTC image acquisition.

IsoFlux system uses a new microfluidic capture technology to isolate and purify from a blood sample, helping in early detection and ongoing monitoring of actionable mutations through NGS without the support of a traditional biopsy.

The system uses blood to carry out a real-time liquid biopsy of the patient's cancer using the recovered CTCs, which can involve analysis of DNA, RNA, and proteins.

IsoFlux system integrates all components of a high-end microscope into an easy-to-use plate reader-style package.

It is installed with an automated stage, autofocus, high-resolution camera, three-color fluorescence, and the required objectives for rapid sample scanning and image capture.

In addition, the imager features an optional fluorescent channel to detect protein markers such as AR-V7 for prostate cancer.

Fluxion's CTO Dr Cristian Ionescu-Zanetti said: “This new imager can scan an entire sample in less than 10 minutes, and retains the ability to detect additional protein biomarkers using a 4th fluorescence channel.

“The automated identification of putative CTCs is another big improvement, reducing the total time required per sample by over 3x as compared to automated microscopes.

“Use of the IsoFlux Cytation Imager will accelerate clinical studies where CTC enumeration, protein marker detection, and cell-based analysis are important readouts."