In December 2017, the University of Florida started negotiations with MyDx regarding the use of CannaDx analyzer in the HIV study.

CannaDx analyzer was selected after completely assessing its specifications, abilities and corresponding software applications.

The study is expected to be carried out for up to 5 years to generate data, which could be used to determine the possibilities of cannabis being used as a real medicine.

The study is being conducted to know the influence of marijuana on major health outcomes and behavior in persons living with HIV, enabling to provide clinical recommendations and identify risk factors for consequences.

Specifically, the research team will study the relationship of marijuana to novel aspects of cognitive function such as motivation, intention, planning, and systemic inflammation.

In the study, the university will enroll 480 total participants, including 360 marijuana users and 120 non-users.

Participants have to complete a baseline visit, as well as yearly follow-up visits for up to five years.

During a visit, participants need to give a small blood sample, urine sample and complete 45-minute survey about their marijuana, alcohol, and drug use, sexual activity, pain levels, and mood.

In addition, they have to complete around two hours of thinking and memory tasks on paper and on an iPad.

The study will identify patterns of marijuana use, which are mostly linked with the incidence of substance use disorders.

MyDx CEO Daniel Yazbeck said: “With this study, we are taking an additional step in solidifying our position as a leader in science based cannabis health technologies. The CannaDx Analyzer is expected to be used in a large pre-clinical long term cannabis study that will track patient data.

“The science of cannabis is still in its infancy. Studies like these, conducted by reputable institutions like the University of Florida, and supported by MyDx, are paving the way for the future of cannabis science in this country.”