Toshiba’s Viamo is an ultrasound system with advanced radiology capabilities, unavailable on hand-carried systems. The company claims that Viamo provides the same image quality as larger, expensive ultrasound systems, but at a lower price point for hospitals.

The device delivers better image quality, enhanced diagnostic confidence and improve ease of use, said the company. Developed from a radiology foundation, Toshiba’s Viamo provides the requisite support to image patients at bedside, which generally requires larger, more expensive cart-based systems.

The company said that it caters to the needs of an immobile patient who requires a high-end ultrasound exam. It is also suitable for a range of patient exams, including general radiology, pediatric, emergency, OB/GYN and vascular.

Girish Hagan, vice president of marketing at Toshiba, said: “The Viamo is designed to provide advanced radiology capabilities in a portable system, creating more comfortable exams for patients. Providing the best value in the hand-carried segment, the Viamo delivers high-quality images for numerous clinical applications.”

The new system offers the ability to interchange Toshiba transducers while using the Viamo’s transportation pole, thus improving productivity and flexibility while saving health care costs by reducing the need to purchase multiple transducers.