Riverain Medical, a provider of tools for physicians to assist in image interpretation, has received FDA clearance for the SoftView Enhanced Chest Imaging technology. SoftView suppresses ribs and clavicles on chest X-rays to produce a soft tissue image that increases clarity and improves the detection of lung nodules.

Riverain said that the technology uses existing X-ray equipment to provide a soft tissue image for digital chest X-rays. SoftView delivers no additional radiation dose to the patient and does not require any additional patient procedures or specialized equipment.

SoftView uses image processing and pattern recognition technologies to suppress bone in the chest X-ray. The resulting soft tissue image improves the visibility of tissue within the lung.

Reportedly, the studies from the University of Chicago show that using SoftView improves the visibility of lung nodules and improves the radiologist’s accuracy for detecting small (9-30mm) lung cancers on chest X-rays without the need for specialized equipment or increased radiation dose to the patient.

Heber MacMahon, radiologist and professor at the University of Chicago, said: “We found in two studies that SoftView can improve a radiologist’s accuracy and sensitivity. The technology makes lung nodules more conspicuous, especially when they’re hiding behind ribs and clavicles and it achieves this without additional radiation dose to the patient or specialized equipment.”

Diane Hirakawa, CEO and chairman of Riverain Medical, said: “SoftView is now available in the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia. And has gone through rigorous multi-reader, multi-case studies to validate its effectiveness. We have conducted an impressive amount of analysis to get where we are today with this clearance. We are excited to enter the US market with a unique product that will offer significant clinical value to radiologists and their patients.”