The Carescape Monitor B650 improves data integration and connectivity by linking to the GE Healthcare Carescape portfolio of monitoring products including the latest bedside, central station and transport monitors as well as existing GE Healthcare monitors and peripheral third-party devices, the company said.

The Carescape monitors are part of the Carescape portfolio of products, a collection of integrated medical devices, communications networks and IT systems that work together to transform streams of unorganised patient data into meaningful, easily accessible clinical intelligence.

The new platform helps hospitals standardise patient monitoring systems across the enterprise, enables the ability to customise clinical information by care area and clinician preference and also supports workflow continuity, ensuring that monitoring capabilities can flex to varying patient acuity levels.

GE Healthcare Patient Care Solutions vice president and general manager David Ataide said that the Carescape Monitor B650 supports their commitment to standardise patient monitoring on a single, integrated platform and improving clinician access to patient information at the point of care.

“GE Healthcare recognises that efficient access to quality patient information supports fast clinical decision-making, which may lead to improved patient outcomes,” Ataide said.