MoXy liquid-cooled fiber is designed to be used with GreenLight XPS (Xcelerated Performance System) and is said to provide fast and efficient tissue vaporization. MoXy’s Active Cooling Cap technology utilises 360-degree saline flow to maintain the temperature of the fiber tip for increased fiber longevity.

GreenLight XPS with MoXy fiber is the latest in AMS’ portfolio of technologically advanced solutions to treat a variety of pelvic health conditions.

AMS claimed that the GreenLight XPS 180-watt laser along with the MoXy fiber delivers 50% more power than the GreenLight HPS (High Performance System) 120-watt system and a 50% increase in the laser beam area resulting in a faster and wider area of tissue vaporization.

The new system maintains the same safety profile as the proven GreenLight HPS and PV systems, even with the increase in power and beam area.

Joe Martin, senior vice president and general manager of BPH Therapies at AMS, said: “The MoXy fiber gives physicians the ability to utilize the GreenLight XPS system to its full potential for the treatment of enlarged prostate. Vaporization efficiency is significantly improved to enable the removal of twice the tissue as compared to our GreenLight HPS system to effectively cut treatment time in half.”

Reza Malek, inventor of the Photoselective Vaporization procedure of the Prostate (PVP) utilising a prototype 60-watt system at the Mayo Clinic in 1997, said: “GreenLight laser technology has significantly improved since the global introduction of the original 80-watt PV system in 2002.

“The 180-watt XPS system with the revolutionary MoXy fiber allows us to treat BPH faster and more safely than ever before, which is very exciting not only for us as clinicians, but also for our patients.”