Through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the Dexcom Share receiver uses a secure wireless connection between a patient’s receiver and an app on the patient’s smartphone to transmit glucose information to apps on the mobile devices of up to five designated recipients or followers without the need for a docking cradle.

The followers can remotely monitor a patient’s glucose information and receive alert notifications from through Apple iPhone or iPod touch, as well as on Android devices in the future, noted Dexcom.

Dexcom president and CEO Kevin Sayer said: "The Dexcom Share receiver represents a significant step forward for our company and our mobile strategy, but more importantly, it will provide a huge improvement for people managing their diabetes and for those parents and caregivers who help them each and every day.

"The FDA understands the importance of this type of innovation and the need to regulate it appropriately, and we could not be more pleased with the speed at which they reviewed and approved this important innovation."

The company plans to commercialize the Share receiver in early March of this year.