The UltraMIST System is the latest product added to the firm’s MIST Therapy line, which is low-frequency ultrasound provided through a saline mist to enhance wound healing.

MIST Therapy provides ultrasound energy into and below the wound bed to stimulate cells and shorten the healing process, compared to conventional wound treatments.

Celleratio president and CEO Mark Wagner said the UltraMIST System incorporates state of the art technology into a smaller, sleeker and user-friendly design.

"UltraMIST was developed as a platform technology to meet the needs of our customers and to allow for rapid and efficient future product expansions," Wagner added.

"Celleration’s investment in new product development, high-quality clinical studies, and exceptional customer service demonstrate our continued commitment to providing solutions for the growing wounded patient population."

Celleration noted that MIST Therapy was used over 1.2 million times, which benefited around 80,000 patients.

Around $25bn will be spent every year to treat chronic and non-healing wounds in the US, said Celleration.

Celleration offers therapeutic and low-frequency ultrasound without direct contact of the delivery device to the wound surface to accelerate healing in wounds.