The Aquilion Prime system includes a 0.5 mm detector, a 7.5 MHU large-capacity tube and 0.35 second scanning.

The Aquilion system utilizes Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D (AIDR 3D) technology to produce clinical images, reduce radiation exposure and generate 80 slices per rotation.

The system featuring 78 cm aperture gantry, when combined with a 660-pound patient-weight-capacity couch, makes the Aquilion Prime 80 series useful for routine clinical scanning or bariatric patient studies.

Aquilion Prime 80 series features also include AIDR 3D process which helps to remove noise from the image with reduced radiation dose, while Nema XR 25 Dose Check software including Dose Alert and Dose Notification addresses two main components of MITA’s CT dose check initiative, as well as tracking and digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM).

Toshiba CT Business Unit market development senior manager Tim Nicholson said, "Giving hospitals the opportunity to conduct advanced exams in mere seconds and grow clinical abilities based on patient needs results in improved patient care and overall departmental efficiency."