The new point-of-care system, ACCU-CHEK Inform II meter, uses a new patented technology to measure a small 0.6 microliter capillary blood sample and provide results in just five seconds.

The company said the technology also allows the system and test strip to provide accurate test results with no interference limitation from maltose, xylose or oxygen.

In addition, the system features unique patient identifiers, which enables hospital healthcare professional to improve the accuracy in patient identification.

Roche Diagnostics chief operating officer Roland Diggelmann said accuracy and patient safety are important concerns for blood glucose testing in hospitals and other point-of-care settings.

"ACCU-CHEK systems have been proven in hospitals around the world and this next-generation wireless system sets a new standard by offering U.S. healthcare professionals new capabilities to help ensure the accuracy of test results, streamline data communications and provide optimal patient care," Diggelmann added.