ROI-C Lordotic cervical cage features designed instrumentation including an inserter which protects anatomical structures when placing the cage and VerteBRIDGE Plating.

ROI-C cervical cage, when used along with the company’s integrated VerteBRIDGE plating technology, provides a zero profile construct for fusion in the cervical spine.

The self-guided curved plating is delivered in the plane of the disc through a direct anterior approach, thus facilitating surgery with less exposure than traditional cervical plate with screws that must be inserted at oblique and challenging angles.

LDR said the shapes of both of the ROI-C Cervical cages and their integrated plating system are designed to match the patient’s anatomy and provide initial and long-term stability.

Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center neurosurgery chief said, "A critical aspect of anterior cervical fusion is providing excellent stability through good bone-implant contact and primary stability with immediate loading."