The 5mm AppianFx Tissue Fixation Anchor is designed to reattach tissue to bone in foot and ankle procedures.

Seaview Orthopedics spokesperson Aron Green said use of the KFx AppianFx anchor in foot and ankle procedures makes technically challenging cases easier.

"There is no whip stitching which saves measurable time, and a reliable and reproducible method of tensioning with excellent fixation strength," Green added.

"While the AppianFx family of implants is successfully being adopted by orthopedic surgeons for a variety of repair and reconstruction procedures in the shoulder and knee, we are excited about offering Foot & Ankle surgeons anchors for small joint procedures and the early customer feedback has been nothing short of remarkable."

The KFx’s AppianFx line of implants are used in shoulder, knee, foot and ankle procedures that directly place and secure tissue into bone both with and without the use of sutures.