Intelivation Technologies, an innovative medical device company with a cutting-edge orthopedic portfolio announced today that it has received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration for its Hammerdesis Interphalangeal Fusion System.

Hammerdesis allows surgeons to correct hammertoe deformities and degenerative issues in patients by simply affixing a distinctively designed implant on the patient’s toe joint. This one-of-a-kind operation benefits both surgeons and patients by saving surgeons significant intraoperative time and yielding cost savings for patients in the ambulatory surgery setting.

Dr. David Murphy, DPM FACFAS remarked, “Hammerdesis provides patients with a more reliable, and a more consistent option to fix hammertoe issues. My surgeon colleagues and I are excited to use this novel system, and I am looking forward to seeing our patients benefit from Hammerdesis.”

President of Intelivation, Amit Sinha, added, “There is nothing on the market today like the Hammerdesis procedure. This is a truly disruptive technology in a crowded area. Our product development and sales teams are looking forward to being a part of this market transformation that will make a major impact for surgeons and their patients for many years to come. We are currently preparing for our launch and post-market clinical data points to share with the orthopedic and podiatric communities.”

Source: Company Press Release