The AccuCath 2.25" blood control intravascular catheter integrates the AccuTip nitinol guidewire, blood control valve, and needlestick safety features with a 2.25 inch power injectable catheter,

It can be used with or without ultrasound and vein finder devices on hard-stick, bariatric, and patients with challenged peripheral vasculature in both venous and arterial applications.

The company claims that the AccuCath catheter’s design that increases first attempt success, reduce complication rates, extend dwell times, increase patient satisfaction, and lower overall costs to the provider.

Vascular Pathways president and CEO Bill Bold said: "Our new AccuCath 2.25" BC is designed to address the changing demographics and access vessels previously considered ‘hard stick’ or too deep for traditional peripheral IV catheter placement.

"The AccuCath 2.25" BC provides a cost effective solution to multiple failed PIV insertions and unnecessarily placed PICC lines.

"This FDA 510(k) clearance allows us to continue to improve vascular access outcomes to patients and payors alike."

Currently, the AccuCath 2.25" catheter is available in the US. Vascular Pathways will unveil the catheter at the 2014 Association for Vascular Access Annual Scientific Meeting, from September 7 to September 10, 2014, in National Harbor, Maryland.