Utilizing the Ulthera system’s signature imaging and micro-focused ultrasound therapy capabilities, the Ultherapy decolletage treatment stimulates the natural formation of collagen and elastin in the skin’s foundation to gradually smooth chest wrinkles.

The Ultherapy decolletage treatment takes about 30 minutes to administer. Results are visible after about three months.

As with the FDA-cleared Ultherapy procedure for lifting the neck, eyebrow and under the chin, meaningful results are achieved in just one treatment, and there’s no downtime or post-treatment care requirements, according to Ulthera.

Ulthera president and CEO Matthew Likens said that the decollete indication fills a very clear void for patients and reinforces the company’s commitment to expanding its platform technology.

"Our goal is to reward Ultherapy practices by bringing more value to the Ulthera System during each year of ownership, Likens added.

"Now, the Ultherapy Treatment addresses four total treatment areas – from the brow to the chest – making it apparent that our investment in clinical advancements and dedication to R&D is producing results for our customers."

Currently, the Ultherapy decolletage treatment is approved in over 40 countries worldwide and has been selectively available since 2012. The treatment will be available in over 1,500 physician practices across the US beginning third quarter of 2014.