The ActiveCare Online platform is equipped with Bluetooth, enabling wireless data transmission between patients and their healthcare providers.

This FDA clearance provides hospitals and caregivers with a state-of-the-art approach to achieve better results in accordance with CMS's new bundled payment Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) program, which financially rewards institutions that improve their overall patient outcomes.

According to Gerry Feldman, MCS CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board: "This news provides an immediate opportunity to improve post-surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction following surgery, by monitoring and improving patient compliance with therapy.

“Better outcomes -reducing complications and readmissions – are expected to result in substantial cost savings to institutions, all of which can help hospitals to excel in the CJR program. ActiveCare® Online will allow hospitals to better communicate with and monitor patients during CMS's required post discharge 90-day period."

The new ActiveCare® Online system is a pioneering, portable, lightweight device that accompanies the patient from the hospital throughout rehabilitation to home.  

ActiveCare® Online uses Synchronized Flow Technology (S.F.T) for effective and safe DVT prevention during and after surgery.

The device is equipped with Bluetooth, enabling wireless transmission via an application that is installed on the patient's smartphone to record their daily health status, compliance and activity level.  The secure Data Output from the device can be reviewed by authorized medical staff.  ActiveCare® Online also includes a 24-hour patient support hotline.