The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted approval for Conventus Orthopaedics’ proximal humerus implant device, PH Cage.

Claimed to be the industry’s first expandable fracture cage, the device has been developed for the surgical repair of shoulder fractures.

Conventus Orthopaedics CEO Paul Buckman said: "The Conventus PH Cage will expand what is possible in patient care by enabling surgeons to repair a wider variety of proximal humeral fractures through less invasive means.

"We believe this is another important building block in our technology platform and has the potential to transform the repair of shoulder fractures."

The Conventus Cage is made by using nickel titanium alloy nitinol that expands within the bone, promoting better fixation and preventing further collapse of the fracture.

It has been designed based on the principles of the Conventus platform technology, which allows preservation of tissues and blood supply at the fracture site.

Hennepin County Medical Center trauma chief Dr Andrew Schmidt said: "The PH Cage provides intramedullary fragment support and flexible fixation within the proximal humerus."

The company is planning a measured introduction of the product in the US in few weeks.