The Rebel stent system is Boston Scientific’s latest generation bare-metal stent and expands the company’s family of stents featuring its platinum chromium alloy and a customized stent architecture design.

Boston Scientific said that the Rebel stent offers the identical stent platform as the Promus Premier drug-eluting stent but without the Everolimus drug.

The stent system is available in a matrix of 46 sizes, ranging in diameter from 2.25-4.50mm and lengths of 8-32mm on a Monorail platform.

The company claims that the Rebel stent system offers better visibility, low recoil, radial strength and fracture resistance, while improving axial strength and deliverability.

The enhanced low-profile delivery system also features a shorter, more visible tip, a dual-layer balloon and a Bi-Segment inner lumen catheter designed to facilitate precise stent delivery across challenging lesions, the company added.

Dr John Wang from Medstar Union Memorial Hospital said: "Bare-metal stents are an important part of our practice, as not every patient can receive a drug-eluting stent.

"This new bare-metal stent has the same great visibility and deliverability as the PREMIER DES but allows me to treat patients who are not candidates for DES therapy.

"In addition, the platinum chromium architecture provides great radial strength with low recoil, which is particularly important in patients receiving bare-metal stents."

The Rebel stent system obtained CE Mark approval in February 2014.

Image: The Rebel platinum chromium coronary stent system provides physicians with enhanced treatment option for patients. Photo: Courtesy of PRNewswire.