By automatically calibrating the eZono 4000 systems, eZGuide ANR helps clinicians to use their needle of choice with eZGuide Navigation Technology.

According to eZono, eZGuide ANR has an automatic on-screen needle information system that provides complete picture of the trajectory and penetration capabilities of the needle to help clinicians in invasive procedure.

This allows the clinician to increase safety and efficiency for each procedure.

eZono CEO Graham Cox said: "eZGuide ANR is a major step forward for procedural guidance.

"Our challenge up until now has been in managing the needle optimization process.

"We want to enable clinicians and hospitals to have flexibility for their choice of needle to perform procedures and still offer precision guidance from our system.

"With the introduction of eZGuide ANR technology, we have not only streamlined this needle selection process, but we have also included an improved feature set, which will display the capabilities of each needle before it is used on the patient.

"This puts the clinician much more in control by having all the information on the needle guidance, provided ahead of time."

The company said that it will upgrade all eZono 4000 users to eZGuide ANR free of charge, expanding the clinical utility of the eZono 4000 system. Image quality enhancements, user interface improvements and DICOM compatibility are also included with the upgrade.

Image: Screenshot of eZono 4000 with eZGuide. Photo: Courtesy of Business Wire/eZono AG