EyeArt is an advanced retinal image analysis software suite developed to effectively screen preventable blindness within the growing population with diabetes.

Eyenuk CEO Dr Kaushal Solanki Kaushal Solanki said: "Receiving the CE Marking for our flagship screening product, EyeArt, is a significant milestone for Eyenuk.

"Our exhaustive research and patented image analysis technology behind EyeArt has culminated in a DR screening product that is more sensitive than human graders, while still reducing workloads by more than 50%."

The software’s cloud-based back-end has been designed to analyze and screen thousands of color retinal fundus images in just a few hours, according to Eyenuk.

Designed to help healthcare professionals, it can analyze images taken with a wide-variety of the fundus cameras currently available.

The company intends to launch the new software in select leading eye care sites across Europe in the coming months. EyeArt is limited by federal law to investigational use in the US.