ExonHit will set up a study in real clinical setting in order to collect ‘real life’ data allowing to further position AclarusDx within the diagnostic algorithm currently used by Memory Centers to diagnose AD, in 2011, in close collaboration with the major Alzheimer’s key opinion leaders.

ExonHit Therapeutics president of the Management Board Loic Maurel said they are proud to be able to offer AclarusDx to Memory Centers in France and to allow neurologists and geriatricians of these centers to test AclarusDx in patients undergoing clinical diagnosis.

"This collaboration with the French AD experts is essential to understand the role that AclarusDx could play in the early diagnosis of the disease," Maurel said.

ExonHit is associated with Toulouse University Hospital, the trial sponsor, and The Institut de Recherche Pierre Fabre in order to evaluate the interest of AclarusDx, and potentially other transcriptomic signatures, in the early identification of aged frail subjects progressing to Alzheimer’s disease.