Endorsed by gastro society guidelines, the BreathID System is a breath test platform capable of analyzing parts-per-million changes in carbon 13 and carbon 12 ratios in a patient’s breath. Exalenz offers physicians two different offerings. Hp FasTest, which is an in-office testing platform performed using a dedicated BreathID device that is located in the physician’s office. With this option, H pylori testing can be done on the spot with results received in around 10 minutes.

Hp BagTest, a send-in service which will be available in certain states. With this, collected breath samples will be sent to a dedicated breath testing center for analysis, and the results will be reported to the physician within a few days.

The first breath test center will be established in cooperation with Metabolic Solutions that has 20 years experience in analyzing breath test samples.

Steven Eitan, CEO of Exalenz, said: “The BreathID is an exciting solution, enabling physicians to offer excellent care to patients. Its ability to detect H pylori in patients presenting H pylori related symptoms is an important addition to any physician’s office or clinical laboratory.”

Exalenz has recently announced the appointment of Dennis Boyle as VP and national manager of the US. In his previous position, he was director of sales and marketing to medical laboratories at Siemens USA.