With the full launch of Acapella One, a cervical cage pre-assembled with integrated anchors, surgeons can restore disc height while providing integrated fixation to prevent device migration during anterior cervical spinal fusions.

The Acapella One implants are available in two footprints, six heights and three sagittal profiles, including an anatomic domed design. The overall procedure is simplified by the unique design of the cage, which allows for single-step deployment of both the integrated anchors simultaneously into the vertebral endplates.

Exactech initially announced the pilot launch of the Acapella One device at the North American Spine Society 30th Annual Meeting in 2015. Since then, it has gained strong surgeon acceptance with more than 500 implanted to date.

The continued development of the system includes simplified instrumentation designed to minimize surgical time and instrument processing while still ensuring superior performance.

"Exactech’s product development team is dedicated to providing a simplified surgical technique for surgeons and the potential for reduced operative time for patients," said Bruce Thompson, Sr. Vice President and General Manager of Spine and Biologics at Exactech.

"With the initial results from the pilot launch of the Acapella One system, we believe we will deliver on both of these goals."

The full launch of Acapella One marks another milestone in the continued development of innovative products by Exactech Spine.

The system rounds out Exactech’s cervical offerings, including the newly released Ascendantâ„¢ Titanium Coated Cervical cage, Ambassadorâ„¢ Cervical plate and Gibralt® OCT Spinal System, which give surgeons a wide range of options for performing cervical fusion.