The ASICore platform, developed by AdvaStim, features a versatile design that can accommodate various clinical indications from Spinal Cord Stimulation and Deep Brain Stimulation to Advanced Prosthetic Control.

The system architecture is modular, allowing a building-block approach for easy customization for each clinical indication. Typically, when physicians, researchers or entrepreneurs have a potential clinical application for neuromodulation they need to invest time and money to create the required electronics.

Now with its access to ASICore, Evergreen Medical can help move product development forward more quickly because the device is built around customizable core components.

"With ASICore we can give our clients a giant head start in developing neuromodulation solutions," said Randall S. Nelson, president and founder of Evergreen Medical. "In our development lab entrepreneurs and physicians will be able to generate waveforms alongside our programmers, testing them along the way until we get the right one, saving valuable time."

The new development lab is part of an expansion of Evergreen Medical’s facilities. The nearly 10-year-old company recently added 10,000 square feet to its St. Paul, Minn. facility. With the expansion, the company quadrupled its cleanroom space and now has more than 5,000 square feet dedicated to cleanroom medical device manufacturing.

"When we started in 2006, we largely served clients in the Twin Cities’ thriving medical device community," said Nelson. "Today we are working with entrepreneurs, universities, startups and established companies from around the world. Our expanded facility will allow us to continue our exciting growth."