US-based Evena Medical will exhibit its Eyes-On glasses system, a point-of-care wearable unit which enables nurses at the bedside to see ‘through’ a patient’s skin to the vasculature beneath, at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

According to Evena Medical, even hard-to-locate veins are easier to see and access with its Eyes-On glasses.

Evena Medical claims that the Eyes-On system is the first vein detection device to deliver clear, anatomically accurate, real-time imaging in a wearable, easy-to-use, hands-free and cart-free system.

The Eyes-On glasses system features multi-spectral 3D imaging, wireless connectivity and it utilizes the Epson Moverio ‘smart glasses’ technology platform.

The vein detection device’s see-through, Eyes-On technology allows the user to have full situational awareness, to keep eye contact with the patient plus a clear view of the patient’s area of interest, enabling quick and easy location and access to the best vein.

It includes digital storage to enable easy verification and documentation of vein patency throughout a patient’s stay in the hospital. Images can be shares remotely with telemedicine capability.

For seamless documentation, the device interfaces with hospital electronic medical records systems.

Evena Medical president and CEO Frank Ball noted the company is excited to showcase Eyes-On glasses at CES, and view this as an excellent opportunity to expand visibility for the product as the company prepares for its US rollout in the spring of 2014.

"We’ve seen significant interest in the Eyes-On Glasses so far and feel its small, portable, user-friendly format is being recognized as a great asset for hospitals and other healthcare centers looking to solve the problem of difficult intravenous access," Ball added.

The demonstrations will take place at on 7 January, 8 January and 10 January 2013.

Image: Evena Medical’s Eyes-On glasses for vein detection. Photo: Courtesy of Marketwire/Evena Medical.