Kuros develops biomaterials and bioactive-biomaterial combination products for trauma, wound and spinal indications that consist of fusion proteins of naturally occurring bioactive factors, covalently incorporated into fibrin or synthetic matrices.

The materials can be used in combination with biologically active molecules or alone.

Kuros claims the synthetic technology can be used to develop products that are delivered as liquids or gels but polymerize, in or on living tissues, to form materials with different physical properties.

Kuros’ dural sealant product candidate (KUR-023) is currently under clinical evaluation in Europe.

Reportedly, Kuros’ fibrin matrix based products KUR-111 and KUR-113 have showed positive results in Phase II trials for tibial plateau fractures and tibial shaft fractures respectively.

The allowance of the European application follows the grant of the US applications as patents no US 7,744,912 and US 7,413,739, which were granted with similar broad claims, as well as the grant of the Canadian (CA 2,359,318), Mexican (MX 276585) and Australian (AU 773 914) applications.