The new Etiometry platform offers hospital ICUs with actionable information via data consolidation, improved visualization, and predictive analytics.

It features a web-based architecture, which can be hosted in a hospital’s data center and protected by the hospital’s firewall.

The platform includes various products, including T3 visualization and dat aggregation FDA-cleared software visualization application that will be used to collect, store, and visualize ICU data in near-real time.

The new application features data aggregation technologies, which will allow the collection, segmentation, and near real-time patient binding of data to support patient care.

Risk analytics algorithms have been developed to be deployed on the T3isualization and data aggregation software.

Quality improvement Sandbox clinical database will enable researchers and quality improvement specialists to access high-fidelity data files for any individual or groups of patients.

Etiometry CEO Evan Butler said: “The Etiometry Platform enables more informed decision making, improved patient care quality, and decreased costs.

“We’ve built out our software solution for broader ICU market penetration, and we’ve rounded out our ICU solutions portfolio under a single, integrated software framework.”

Established in 2010, Etiometry offers next-generation patient monitoring software for hospital ICUs.