Ethicon Endo-Surgery has introduced a new addition to its Harmonic line of surgical devices, the Harmonic Focus Long Curved Shears, for use in open procedures that require deep access.

Ethicon Harmonic Focus Long Curved Shears enable surgeons to dissect, cut, coagulate and grasp using precise ultrasonic energy that minimizes thermal damage to patients while providing surgical efficiency. Surgical oncologists, liver surgeons, general surgeons and colorectal surgeons often need deep access in upper gastrointestinal and colorectal procedures.

The Harmonic Focus Long Curved Shears provide surgeons an alternative to the traditional ‘clamp, cut and tie’ technique using advanced energy. Like other products in the Harmonic line, the Harmonic Focus Long Curved Shears give surgeons the versatility to perform several important functions without the need to exchange instruments.

The data has shown that the use of Ethicon Harmonic technology in pancreatectomy saved approximately 30 minutes compared to procedures performed using the ‘clamp, cut and tie’ technique. The Harmonic Focus Long Curved Shears are designed with a traditional scissors grip to improve surgeon comfort and familiarity.

The Ethicon Endo-Surgery energy portfolio also includes the Enseal advanced bipolar devices that give surgeons control in tissue sealing larger vessels while minimizing tissue trauma.

Using temperature-controlled technology not available in any other bipolar device, Enseal devices offer minimal thermal spread for simultaneously sealing and transecting large vessels up to and including 7 mm and tissue bundles.

Christopher Sonnenday, assistant professor of surgery and of health management and policy at the University of Michigan, said: “Ultrasonic energy is an invaluable asset in surgery because of the precision and efficiency it brings. The right surgical technique and instrumentation is vital, and there are fundamental differences between open and minimally invasive surgery, particularly those that require deep access.

“A device that has the look and feel of traditional surgical tools but brings the benefits of advanced energy will be an important instrument for many surgeons that can contribute to the overall success of a procedure.”